We build web applications - intranet-based systems or public-facing websites.

Application Development

We provide everything from complex data-driven applications to stylish website solutions for individuals and small businesses.

UX Design

We leverage the latest technologies to provide a seamless User Experience for our client applications and websites

Hosting Solutions

Where clients require hosting we provide this on various levels, or we can advise on the selection of hosting solutions and partners.


Recent Work


Intelligent Ranking provide a suite of tools for managing voting, feedback and comparative assessment surveys.

The system can be used in a variety of ways. Company procurement departments can assess the comparative performance of suppliers and their products. Clients can be asked to assess products or to compare their experience of different products.

Surveys run on a wide range of devices including tablets and smartphones

Client: Intelligent Ranking
Category: Multi-platform application for individuals and businesses.

Date: Launch November 2015

Broker Vote

The Broker Voting system allows buy-side companies such as Banks, Fund Managers to assess the service they receive from their sell-side counterparties. Sell-side brokers can then be ranked competitively to support things such as transparent commission sharing agreements.

Client: Under Acquisition
Category: Enterprise application for financial institutions.

Date: 2014

Richard Tugwell

A portfolio and personal website for a photographer.

The site was required to provide the following:

  • Integrate the client's current blog

  • Pull images from client's stock archive hosted on Photoshelter

  • Provide seamless and attractive lightbox functions

Client: Richard Tugwell
Category: Portfolio / Blog

Date: October 2015

Reka Jaksics

A personal site for Reka Jaksics, a Hungarian-born cellist working in Zurich.

The site is essentially a makeover of Reka's current site.

Client: Reka Jaksics
Category: Artist's Personal Website.

Date: In Progress